Monica Rodriguez — El Paso, Texas

About 8 months ago Monica met my husband and soon to be father of my daughter at a concert. I found out about her and messaged her nicely asking her to back off and find someone else, and she swore she wasn’t an evil person and would back off. She did not and continued to see him, text him 24/7, sleep with him, and tell people he was her boyfriend. She has convinced him in the evil one and that she’s better then me so we are currently separated and he wants nothing to do with me thanks to her! But he claims he’s not leaving me for her… HOMEWRECKER! Apparently she’s so insecure that she can’t find her own man and has to steal someone elses. Sad sad life. Especially when you know not only did he have a wife but also a baby girl on the way! I know that there is a thing called Karma and I also know how she got him she will lose him. He will always be the love of my life, but at the end of the day I deserve so much better. I’m a good woman and I know that one day the right man will find me and I will be happy. I don’t have to share a man, I won’t share a man. I wish them the best of luck. All this stress caused me to become ill, so I have to let it go and give it to God.

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