Michael Rose — Blandford, United Kingdom

I was approached by Michael Rose on a night out, we exchanged phone numbers. He was in the military based in Redford barracks in Edinburgh at the time. He informed me he has never been married or had children and basically moved in with me right away. We went on short breaks together… he showered me with gifts and told me he wanted to marry me. He then got based down south to Stafford base he returned for another short break in July.. twice daily phone calls professing his love for me until one morning I woke up to a message from his WIFE he had been leading a double life they were in fact married and had a 3 year old daughter together… I later found out there was several other woman before me he had shacked up with before me in Edinburgh Stay away from this married man he is a compulsive liar and a cheat. He is vile use people the way he has.

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