Melissa Ann Jackson – Aiken, South Carolina

Melissa Ann Jackson 803-645-6952 Bimini Ln Aiken SC 29803 cheated on her child’s father then sold his work equipment so he couldn’t work. Melissa then moves in with Chad and cheats on him. Melissa seduces men claiming she is a victim in her current relationship. Melissa gives them sex and paints a fairy tale future to get them to support her habits. Melissa doesn’t care if they are married. She will use them until they run out of money then call their wife and tell on them so they will not interfere with her new relationship and she doesn’t like for her family to know what kind of low life she is. Melissa works in the medical field and steals patients medication. She has a supply in her top drawer. Melissa is a lying cheating minuplative homewrecker heartless whore!! 

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