Matthew Borgen, Marysville – Washington

Matthew borgen lives in Marysville ,WA and works at the boeing company there. He is a nasty Manipulative cheater that dates about 5-6 women at the same time and does not have protected sex at all ! Lies to all the women that he meets and makes them all believe that he is Mr.charming but he is not. He is a creep and lives a double life. Be careful ! Marysville Matthew Borgen


  1. Saint-Shannon

    This post must be a mistake. Because it describes Darren Ambler of Cherry Hill NJ exactly. To date- many believe Darren is so spaced out he has no clue that most people (weather they admit it to him or not) know about his double life and sick sexual ways. They do know.

    Don’t be shocked if his employer knows too. Employers have a unique way of checking on existing employees. They know much more than you think. Just because your a faithful employee don’t think they are not checking on you behind your back trying to get ammo to one day dismiss you from your current position. They are doing it more and more . To weed out the troubled and useless employees. People Like Darren and Matthew and others are Liabilities for employers. If they carry on their sex shenanigans from work the other party can sue the company.

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