Mary Elizabeth Stock — North Bay, Ontario

DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID – If this piece of trash is talking to your man she’s trying to sleep with him. She’s a serial homewrecker, every relationship she gets within sniffing distance of she destroys. Mary likes to sleep with taken men (exclusively). Think you’re safe because you have kids or your husband is older – NOPE! The relationship she ruined before mine was a dude in his late 40s with two kids. My mistake was thinking polyamory could work (for some stupid reason), I’ve now spent the last year and a half trying to get this scab to go away. She won’t she enjoys sleeping with my husband too much… Even though I now contemplate suicide. Our 4 kids, house, dog & relationship mean nothing to this nasty loose vagina’d hoe. If you EVER see her talking to your man don’t even question it, she’s after him and will destroy your life too.

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