Marsha Garcia Trash of Lake Mary, FL

Avoid this Seminole County, Florida trash, habitual liar, user, manipulator and home wrecker. Google her extensive arrest records among other reports. She is one messed up tramp who wants to bring down another man into her cesspool life.


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    A homewrecking slut wh***e who sneaks around doing other womens husbands and hurting marriages and families. She is pure scum!

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    Look at that face like a fox in the henhouse. That’s Marsha Garcia one low down sneaking tramp who is a prostitute to married men to finance her way through life because she has racked up such a criminal record no one will hire her, expecially since she is such a theft who steals from everyone.

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    Marsha Garcia is pure trash, sucking her sick mothers life savings to pay for all her criminal charges, neglecting her own minor children, taking up with married men and going after them thinking she can financially benefit and replace their wives, shoplifting all over town, and continues to have a serious prescription drug addiction. She is trouble front and center.

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