Marisol Perez – Arkansas

On January 9 of Chris Haggard left his family got a place and started to see my wife Marisol Perez who lives in Paragould Arkansas.I found out through Facebook,coworkers,and friends and his own wife. They are both married he even took her to a church that not more then a week ago before he took his family too. He is a narcissist, a minister down right scum bag who goes after married and single women to get off his own needs then dumps them for the next victim.Marisol Perez is a cold-hearted souless women who only thinks for herself this man would have done something to her daughter if given the chance he devastated his wife kids. Because of the reputation this man has for infidelity so does my wife for her actions paragould,Manila, Blytheville have all taken pictures of them together and was given to his wife and to me. Disgusting! I don’t ever want her to forget what she has done to me or to herself this man has taken her dignity her reputation her self-worth away from her.She got busted! And here is the picture to prove it! You reap what you sow!!!

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