Marina C. Barrientos — Waco, Texas

Ladies, if your man is working in Waco, TX be aware that this dirty homewrecker is out there!! She is nothing more than your typical desperate dirty hoe. She is even as desperate as to get the initial of another woman’s man tattooed on her body in what can only be said to be a desperate plea try and keep him involved or possibly to try convince him to leave his lady and family to be with her. Marina is the kind of woman that displays her whoreish ways walking around with hickeys all over her neck. She will send him picture’s, texts and call your man even after he breaks it off with her in oder to be with the woman that he truly wants to be with. She has no shame whatsoever in knowing that the man has a girl and a family that he goes home to at the end of the day. She is the classic side chick that wants to be a main chick. Marina Barrientos is a disgusting dirty homewrecking whore that has no respect for any relationship!!!

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