Maria Dawson Copes — Boston, Massachusetts

Caught Maria Copes trash talking to my husband and sending him nudes a few years ago. It almost tore my marriage apart. I stupidly gave him a second chance but only if he stopped all communication with her. He did for a short time, but I recently caught them again. She has no respect for marriage. She would even bring me up and manipulate the conversation so that they ended up trash talking me. She is also screwing a 17 year old boy and her other boyfriend is in jail for raping his friend’s mother. She has a husband as well. She has nudes pictures all over the internet and even my husband admits she drinks non stop and takes drugs. She took ambien with alcohol one night and screwed some guy and then the next day accused him of rape because she didn’t remember it. She hangs out at Biker Bars sleeping with all the bikers, married or not. I have told her more than once to stay away from my husband. She shows up at his work and waits for him to get out.

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