Mabel Ehis — Wylie, Texas

This girl he’s been messing around with my husband since I was pregnant with our second child. She knew he was married but thought we were split up. After I found out about the affair I confronted her and she said she would never disrespect me, my family or herself by messing with a married man and that she was mad at him for lying. She told me she would not talk to him any longer and that she was truly sorry about that. Well here we are about 5-6 months down the road husband and I live in separate households now and this girl walks in to my inlaws being the home wrecking whore she is for Christmas family gathering. He brings her to the family gathering while me and both kids are in Louisiana visiting family. Btw not sure she knows but if you’re still sleeping with him he just slept with me his wife like a week ago. So if he’s still feeding those lies to you too since you block me and won’t talk then you’re just as stupid for allowing him to be your so called friend.

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