Lussel “Lucy” Pia — San Diego, California

I’m posting this desperate woman Lussel “lucy” Pia for attempting to get with my husband. She was working at a Navel Base in San Diego as a contractor for a collage. My husband is a military member and had talked to her about her professionalism and maybe getting her a civil service job. She started texting and emailing him. At first it was job related. Then after my husband found out she was kicked out of the military for drugs, he told her he couldn’t help her with employment. Well, she then started telling him that she was a hard worker and would do Anything to get a job. Lucy started sending text messages with nasty things she could do for him, and even a few topless pictures. She has an indescribable ugly tattoo on her left chest. After searching for her, I found all her social media pictures are all filtered and from the neck up. Thank the lord my husband is a professional and takes his job and vows seriously. He reported the incident. He also told me about it. We recently saw her and she spoke to my husband as if nothing ever happened. I allowed it once, the second time I felt I had to expose her!

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