Lori Hooper Aka Lori Harvey — Roswell, New Mexico

My husband had an affair with a woman he worked with. He led me to believe for years that it was an “emotional affair”. Turns out, it was the “I loved her and I was leaving you and the kids” affair, sex and all. She was adamant that once he decided to leave me, that he would have NO relationship with his four children, 3 of whom were in elementary school at that time. This affair lasted for 6 months, and he continues to have to work with her. Her affair with my husband ended when I received an anonymous phone call from someone who worked with them to tell me what all was going on. She then – within 2 weeks – moved on to another man in my husband’s office, and then within 6 months, she was married to another employee in the same school district who she has cheated on continually. People in a position to do something about it have looked the other way, so she continues to leave a path of destruction with everyone she comes into contact with. She steadfastly believes she did nothing wrong. I believe that when you go after another woman’s husband who is having a mid-life crisis, you are the lowest form of scum on the face of the earth. I’m not saying my husband wasn’t to blame as well, he made his bad choices as well. But she pursued him. She was still married at the time she started having sex with my husband as well. She is the definite description of a narcissist. Watch out for her! She just uses people until they no longer can give her what she wants and then moves on like nothing ever happened.

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