Liz B. Green — Sherman, Texas

So about 2 and a 1/2 years ago my boyfriend got a message on Facebook from a girl that he worked with telling how much she liked him and wanted to be with him. He showed me and I told him to tell her that sweet but you are taken and that we can be friends just that’s it and she said “Oh I am so sorry, communication from now on will end” then she blocked him. Well sometime between then and a couple months later I find out that they had been messaging each other through email, she told him how she felt AGAIN, and his response was “Maybe if things were different” (Meaning not dating me).

Well, she took that as, ‘Let’s do it ANYWAY.’ When I found those messages I confronted him and told him to ended communication because he was with me. A month had passed and my boyfriend and I had literally just got done having sex and then he receives a phone call and guess who it was? Yep the sl*t, I asked him who it was and he said it was nobody and I said “it was Liz, wasn’t it? And he said no, ” Well I saw the name, so do not f*cking lie to me” I told him to give me the phone so I could call her back, he refused. I told him to call her and to tell her no NEVER TALK TO HER AGAIN. He did. Come to find out a month after that she and him WERE DATING AND THAT IS WHY SHE CALLED… while he was still with me!! I ended up called her a week later and confronting her letting her know that she was the side chick and he didn’t care about her. He f*cked her because she was easy and spread her legs and he was trying to fill the hole in his heart. I also let her know that a big part of why he went with her was because she looked like me and she reminded him of me. The last thing I told her was while he was at your house during the day he was at mine in my bed sleeping at night. I remember her telling me she thought that she could be the one to change him and help him grow and I remember just laughing in her face because I’ve been with him for years and if he was willing to do that to me after all this time, what made her think she was so special? She wasn’t and isn’t. A couple days ago I decided to Google her, and guess why a popped up??  (The site is blocked at the moment now) I didn’t think is was her but her Entire name and the town that she lives In was a match… So in conclusion to this, my boyfriend was not the 1st nor will he be the last taken man she goes after. Apparently she really loves likes married men.

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