Livia — Springfield, Virginia

Livia started sexting my boyfriend of 6 yrs on his work phone. He left a flyer with her for his lawn care sales job for the family she lives with and is a nanny for. She told him she just moved here 2 wks before from brazil and didn’t know anybody and then began sending nasty pics of her body to him. She also invited my boyfriend to go over when the kids were out for a checkup. She should not be allowed near children, esp after bringing strangers into the house for sex. This b**ch pretends she doesn’t speak English and is so innocent but is just trash trying to get pregnant to stay in the country! Nothing happened cause I found out about her but she still tries to contact him and it’s been 3 months! Watch out if you’re looking for a nanny, she’ll sleep with your husband in a min and bring strange men into your home!

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