Lisa Snelling — Lakewood, Texas

This piece of work slept with my husband while they were both drunk. After only a week she asked him to leave and move in with her. In the first month of their ‘relationship ‘ she supposedly got pregnant twice! First time she ‘lost’ the baby the second time she got an abortion. Turns out that she is has had an abortion in MULTIPLE occasions. She sleeps around a lot. She is a joke who will tell you that her past boyfriend beat the crap out of her but then apply for a job at the same location where he works! During this short time she schedule an appointment for a divorce lawyer for my husband, made a schedule for MY children to visit with their dad, get married and planned on buying a house together. Shows how desperate this woman is! She works as a microbiologist at multiple schools and at a lab. What a great role model for the next generation!

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