Lauren Laspina Paoletti, Arvada, CO

This was on this very night at a previous Pack Expo when Lauren Laspina Paoletti (La Spina-Paoletti, La Spina), who works for Adept Packaging had UNPROTECTED sex with a married co-worker. This demented, twisted individual continued contacting this man for YEARS. After texting him at 3am, calls she made from her parents house in South Carolina, her personal cell phone, as well as work phone…not to mention the numerous email. This woman is a stalker. She has sex with both married men and women. She is known to have done illegal drugs previously. She is the aggressor – actively seeks out men and ten invites them up to her hotel room. She enjoys cheating and having extramarital affairs while traveling for work. She especially lives Las Vegas and the men at PackExpo. She will regale you with stories of motorcycles, biking and climbing. She must be very insecure to feel the need to try and impress people by such things. She also must have low self esteem if she needs other men besides her husband to make her feel wanted. I have an idea, instead of being a horrible mother, wife, employee and human, go spend some money in therapy and work out what ever issues you have that would cause you to cheat on your husband just 1 yr after being married. You can look her up and find other articles going back to 2009 on the web talking about sex with Lauren. Obviously this has been a long standing issue. Just please don’t ruin the lives of other people’s children you selfish, selfish b*tch. Your family, your employer and all the families you ehurt deserve so much better. Grow up and act like a moral adult. Some Republican you are. So much for family values. You are a fraud.

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