Lauren Ashley Malia Parker Of San Antonio

Lauren is the absolute worst person I’ve ever met. She caught my attention by doing what bar hoppers do and dresses to the nines. I thought we hit it off and a relationship spawned. Little did I know that this person was our ex evil. She gave me a sob story on her life and everything she was going through. Being the good man I was raised to be and having strong feelings for this person, I stepped up and started being the man she lacked in her life. I paid all the bills, apartment,etc, but the whole time she was actually dating someone else.
I didn’t find out till way later, as she was clever enough to make excuses to not add me on all her social media. She had legal troubles, which I took care of and within a span of two years took me for around 80,000. All the while she was out and about doing her thing. At one point I got a call to go get checked for DRD. Wow. I’m a dumb ass to the extreme. That alone should have been my wake up call, but this person is a master manipulator and found a way to blind me once again.
From there, she put on this sob story of how she had no energy and drive and couldn’t get out of her apartment. Lies. She was out every night drinking till she blacked out. She then got in a troublesome situation and reached back out to me to save her based on the premise she’d learned from all her mistakes, etc, etc. More lies. I stepped up again and got her good, the whole time she was still out being a complete floozy. I had to pay for an abortion for her and then a few months later she had another abortion scare. I decided the fix was to move her to a new environment- which I did, but she immediately took credit for the new high class living arrangements she found herself in and proceeded to plaster social media with “how good she was doing.” Needless to say while I’m once again taking complete care of this person and she’s telling me she loves me and she’s so thankful to have me and asking me for an engagement ring, she’s still out there hooking up with boys who can’t provide any sort of life for her.
Long story short, if you meet or know this person and think you’re in a good relationship…. you’re not. It’s only a matter of time till you find out that she’s probably in the top ten floozies of San Antonio. Be wary. Be very, very wary. She will say all the right things and never ever cared for or looked out for anyone but herself and her own needs.
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