Laura Kime — Columbus, Ohio

This woman knew me from High School. She happens to also be the best frenemy of my partners sister, how convenient, right? She’s been married twice & has 2 children by different men. She is an addict preying on another addict. My husband has been sleeping at her house a few nights a week with her 16 yr old son & 7 year old daughter. Leaving me & my 19 & 15 year old sons alone. What kind of mother sleeps with a man that lives with another woman in front of her kids like that. Me & my husband have 22 tumultuous years but now he has a pain pill addiction, so does she. It’s not about him. It’s about what pills she gets for free & gets off on my broken heart. She couldn’t possibly care about him, if so, people wouldn’t be getting hurt. Watch out if you have a fragile man in crisis, this woman will bring your man home to her kids for a oxycodone fix.

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