Laura Dulmage

Ever just hear someone’s voice and wanna smash em with a fucking shovel to the face ? Well here’s Laura ( Elle ) Dulmage… where to start ?! This slut couldnt keep her legs shit if her damn life depended on it. Every day is open season for her. I swear she must introduce her son to a “new daddy” every two seconds. She gets filled with cum and moves to the next dick that passes her by. This poor child doesnt have a stable environment and is more than likely already embarrassed as fuck that this is his mother, and hes only about 8 ! What a life for the poor kid ! Shes a drunk, spends all her money on booze tats and every new iPhone launched. That’s mother material right there eh ?!

Shes an embarrassment to the company she works for IMI Manufacturing Inc. I mean how shes employed at all is beyond me, I heard nothing but horrible things and even seen plenty of it aired on social media ! they just must be sickened by the image she is setting.

Hawksbury it’s open season in Laura Dulmage’s legs !

You can find her on
IG breatheyeezyy
snap eldulmage

Check for yourself ! Although you can find just as much by simple typing the name(s) in Google. She loves the attention !

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