Latoya Russaw – Michigan

LATOYA RUSSAW, was my former girlfriend. We met on Mocospace in June of 2012. She has worked as a stripper in the past and also as a porn actress. Her stripper/porn actreess/mocospace name is Emily Capri. Like most girls who made porn movies, her p**** was stretched out from having sex with guys who spend hours each day on a vacuum pump and have gigantic cocks. However, Latoya had a very sweet personality and I didn’t mind being with her. When I met Latoya, she had just had a Depo-Provera birth control shot. She was having a bad reaction to it and had a menstrual period that lasted several months. She claims she got the shot to bulk up because she thought she was too skinny. I didn’t believe that for a minute. People get birth control shots because they don’t want to get pregnant by the guys they f***. Latoya had grown up in the slums and ghettos or inner city Detroit, and her family moved from house to house every couple of weeks. The second time she contacted me, she said she was hunry and needed something to eat. I brought her a foot long from Subway. Anyhow, Latoya did not know much about the real world. She did graduate from SouthEastern High School with honors. I had to help her write a resume and post it on job sites because she was not familiar with the procedure. She did not know how to conduct herself on a job interview and I had to coach her on how to do this. I had to buy her a new phone and clothes. I helped her sigh up for several music download sites.

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