Larissa Lynne Laslo — Canton, Michigan

This is the type of girl who knowingly goes after men who are already in a relationship. She and her fiance recently broke up, and she immediately tried to jump into bed with someone else’s fiance. Very classy. She is willing to spread her legs for pretty much any guy who comes along, so if you’re looking for a quick, easy hook up, men, this is your girl. She is a self proclaimed nymphomaniac, enjoys helping men cheat in their cars, will let the lucky ones know that she’s “infertile” and that they don’t need to wear protection (so, if you’re going for it guys, make sure to double wrap, there’s no telling what nasties this vagina is packing), likes to pop Adderall before sex, and will tell you all about her sexual daddy issues. If you’re her friend, be careful, she’s been known to sleep/ try to sleep with her friends’ boyfriends. She’s also a big self-victimizer. So, if she’s bumping uglies with your boyfriend/ fiance/ husband, best believe that none of it is her fault, she will blame him for everything (despite having jumped into bed knowing that he’s in a relationship), and she will even blame you for her “woes” if he doesn’t leave you for her. All of these facts are from my personal experience with her. This girl may seem decent in other aspects of her life, but she’s a terrible friend and a shameless whore. Take my word for it.

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