Larissa Caudill — Lakeland, Florida

Larissa is a disgusting cheap Lakeland woman. She uses the idea that she’s a battered woman. She tells everyone that her old man beats her and does all these horrible things to her only to find out it’s false. She shows up under the guise that she had just left because we have been speaking for a while and was ready to have a relationship. Should we proceed with it and it doesn’t take very long at all before she’s back over there sleeping with him over to another man’s house telling him the same thing turns out she’s got like 4 different guys, spending a couple days at a time with her and then disappearing off to the next. For someone to use the title battered woman so she could get what she wants is disgusting. She’s sleeping with guys for cell phones sometimes not even the phone just the time on the phone. She is a Non-Stop liar.

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