Lapo Elkann — Las Vegas, Nevada

Excuse if any wording is wrong. I am using the translate app to write you. Fiat Billionaire Lapo Elkann might have lots of money but paying for his partying is not one. Two years ago it was in the papers how he was arrested for faking his own kidnapping to pay for his transgender party and now he is back to his old ways. My friend Camilla who is transgender has been seeing Lapo since last year and recently in last months she included my other Perola who is also transgender as Lapo request to be with more than one at a time. Lapo likes trans with big penis to take turns on him so now they go always two at a time. He is a dirty boy. Usually he always pays as he likes them to be there all night for sex while he does drugs and it can go on for hours. Usually he buys them expensive gifts as well. But now Lapo says he cant pay and still owes money the last night’s together spent with him. Both Camilla and Perola have just had more cosmetic work done and were hoping to get the money from Lapo to help pay. I guess just because he is a billionaire and owns everything does not mean he will keep is word and pay for the sex they gave him for two days. I guess things never change. Here goes a picture of Camilla in his hot tub. He will in the press and during the day be photographed with his girlfriends but during the night every night he loves to take d1ck of trans. BE WARE TO ALL GIRLS.

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