Landie Urban — Dallas, Texas

meet Landie Urban, resident slore at Vue Castle Hills luxury apartments. Landie is 19, and graduated with me from Denton High School in 2017, which is the only accomplishment she’ll ever have. While everyone went off to college, Landie sold popcorn until being hired as a leasing consultant. Landie gained 100 pounds since high school and her roots go to the middle of her back now. Not a hombre look, just a lowlife slore working dead-end job. Anyway, Landie texts make prospects & residents- who have wives & girlfriends- and she’ll waltz into their apartments to seduce them. To date, no one has wanted her fat ugly a55. But all the people complain and her manager – a married black man- won’t fire her. Maybe he’s hitting it. Tipton Group corporate office needs to know why people don’t want to live at Vue Castle Hills. Landie let her dog run all over without a leash- makes up for exercise Landie DOESN’T get. Chica is so darned lazy that she lives two buildings away from the leasing office and DRIVES to work & parks in future resident parking spots. Landie orchestrated a worker’s comp claim, saying she got hurt at work, and been wearing a boot for four months-but lives it up on the weekends at clubs- wearing cowgirl boots. If only Landie would put that effort into her ugly hair, leashing her dog, and maybe getting an education. Landie is too lazy to exercise. She wears a sticker on her forearm called Thrive and markets it as a weight loss product. But she gained 100 pounds. Is that reverse thriving? Do you think Landie will finally land her a married man at Vue Castle Hills? Landie had drds back in high school and still does today. I want this to come up when Vue Castle Hills is googled since management insists on keeping her on the payroll when she chases others out by trying to seduce. This is sexual harassment that Landie commits. Men can have a #MeToo cuz of Landie Urban.

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