Lalaine Baliguat Macalisang — Taguig City, Philippines

She is LALAINE BALIGUAT MACALISANG aka Laine, Lala, L from Taguig, Philippines. She met my husband at HP Philippines where they worked together. My husband is 5 years older than her and being a goody-goody man, he mentored and helped her adjust in her new environment. He also introduced me to her in one of their company’s events. Laine knew he was 6 years married. One day, I received an anonymous message that says, “I saw your husband last night with Laine, you might want to investigate.”

My heart beats fast and decided to check his facebook account. I saw their sweet messages for each other and immediately confronted my husband. He didn’t deny and admitted a 4 months affair with her. My whole world crushed into pieces, but since we have a child I asked him to choose between ME and LAINE. My husband chooses us. He resigned from work and stopped all forms of communication with her. Laine couldn’t accept that she was dumped by my husband. She started harassing me at work, sending their kissing photos. She called my mother-in-law and said that his son was attempting suicide. Then, she messaged my sister-in-law about their bed time stories. She hacked my husband’s social media accounts to check his whereabouts. The worst part was when that Laine sent me their SEX VIDEO. I compiled all the evidences she sent me and went to their company’s human resource to file a complaint about her indecent act because all those time, she was using her company email. Unfortunately, I learned that I am not the only one complaining about her. She had a scandal from her previous work, Accenture Philippines. She also had an affair with a co-worker at Accenture and slept with her best friend’s boyfriend multiple times. Their email conversations were spread in Accenture together with Laine’s dirty pics that forced her to resigned. I also got a chance to talked to Laine’s ex-best friend now, she told me that Laine was not just a home wrecker but a DEVIL in disguised. Lalaine Baliguat Macalisang had 3 abortions already from all her affairs and that was the reason why her ex-boyfriend dumped her too. She was not contented with their relationship and loves ruining other relationship. She loves to be a MISTRESS, an OPTION, a THIRD-PARTY. Lalaine is a SHAMEFUL HOME WRECKER and a WHORE. Now, she left HP Philippines because of another scandal and is presently working at Zuellig Pharma Asia Pacific Ltd, ROHQ as a Business Process Analyst for Sales. I will post this here so everyone will be aware of her low morals. To you LAINE, your soul is now being burnt to hell. Don’t you ever tell me you just love because you could have love with dignity and fear of God. Remember, bees do not sting unless provoked.

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