Kyerra Jynelle Simmons — Manvel, Texas

This woman was our babysitter for years! Little did I know that she was screwing my husband for 3 years behind my back from the time that she turned 18 years old. She would still come in my house, smile in my face, and babysit our kids. My husband would pay her $100 bucks or so each time they met up at an hourly hotel to screw. They had sex every 6 weeks for 3 years and the last 2 years were unprotected. They had sex unprotected while I was pregnant and this little teenage whore probably got a sick satisfaction coming into my house and smiling in my face after. She is just like her nasty mother who was arrested for being a teacher and sleeping with her underage students and us in jail for it. This slut sent my husband so many disgusting twat pics all through my pregnancy, through my back surgery and even after we moved out of state. Kyerra is a paid whore and is a nasty girl and she has zero morals. She had no feelings for my husband, but wanted the money and sick, sordid excitement of knowing what she was doing to me and to our family. Do not ever let this “cancer” into your home or your lives.

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