Kristy D. Allen — Staurts Draft, Virginia

She knowingly persued a married man who had two kids for 3 years. She sent him porn videos of herself, they included the 2 kids into there secret life together, when the husband tried to break it off to work on things with his wife she continued to persue him by changing jobs to where she could be close to him, she used money as a way to keep him pulled in due to him and his wife being on a strict budget, to now where he has moved out on false pretenses so they could be together all the while the two kids are being subject to this behavior. She works at UVA medical center as a nurse on 6 North, yet for 3 years you persued a married man not once to take a back seat for them to truly find if they were or were not ment for one another. Shame On You for not having any self respect as for others yet you are suppose to represent as a healer when all you have done is inflict pain on others.

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