Kristina Keener — Donalds, South Carolina

She added my boyfriend on Facebook 2 weeks ago. He broke up with me 5 days ago. Even after finding out that we were still together and that me and my son lived with him she still flirted and sent pictures to him. Now me and my son have to start over. I gave up my house and most of my furniture to live with him and his daughter not even 6 months ago. I sold my car because he had 2 and they were in better condition than mine. Our kids call each other brother and sister and my son just started calling him dad. He’s devastated that we have to move. Why call her a copy cat? Same tattoos on her chest as me. Both heavy set. Works in the same field as me. The only difference is that she’s 6 years younger than me. I know he’s not innocent but knowing what I told her and continuing to talk to him makes her a home wrecker.

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