Kristin Saunders (Rawl-Edwards) — Pelion, South Carolina

This female Kristin Saunders is one of the ones to steer clear of in South Carolina. Claiming to be married to a man in the Navy, who is stationed in Virginia, Kristin has found a lot of time to sleep around with various men while trying to play single. While talking to her, I found out that she was screwing her male “roommate,” while still trying to score money and dates out of myself and several other men. She will definitely send nudes to anyone she thinks will pay for her next meal. Upon further inspection of the girl I found that she has this obsession with stalking people and can’t stop talking about her past relationships. If you catch too much of her attention before you realize how crazy she is then she will stalk you too. Shes pretty obsessive and should probably see a therapist. The picture posted with this is one where she is wearing her ex-boyfriend’s (from when she was 15) hoodie that she still owns. She wears it often and even wore it on our “dates”

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