Kristi Villarraga | Naples Florida

Kristi Villarraga is married to Will. During the time she was married she did commit adultery with an anesthesiologist from NCH. She worked in the Cath Lab at the time. Now she is employed by Naples vascular. The story goes like this. She and the Dr. made arrangements for Kristi to come to the Dr’s apartment and proceed to rub oil all over his sore muscles. One thing led to another and the dr’s penis entered Kristi’s mouth and wasn’t removed until orgasm was achieved. Kristi confided in someone who eventually revealed this indiscretion occured. Upon revealing this Kristi said she wanted to be with someone who made more money than Will. She also complained that he didn’t pay enough attention to her and spent to much time with friends.
Instead of doing the right thing like divorcing her husband before committing adultery she figured what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Yeah She convinced others to do the same damn thing she did as misery loves company. She is a ruthless cunt. My advice to Will would be to make her take a polygraph to reveal the honest truth about her conduct while married. Then I would systematically take half of everything she had. If you wanted to be mean you could obviously claim disparity of income and get spousal support from her. You are entitled to the same lifestyle you had while you were married.
Kristi has a bad habit of sticking her pointed ass nose in others business and marriages. She had better worry about her own damn marriage and stop trying to destroy others lives.
I am positive there will be problems over this posting and I am ready with a witness to prove my testimony. Will she is a damn cheat you deserve better than that. She is a vicious asshole and needs to fucking learn to stay out of others affairs. Like I am sure she would wish that I stayed out of hers like right now. Truth is I don’t give a damn what you do or threaten with. My life was destroyed by this fuckin cunt. Now I am returning the favor. Stay out of ppls private lives you bitch!
Rot in hell!
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