Kristi Toeneboehn Halbrook — Gardner, Kansas

This woman will sleep with anything… no matter who they are… Married or not. She will even invite her suitors to her home after only Knowing them 5 days, where her child is only a few rooms away while she is getting off with a stranger. She has read too many 50 Shades of Grey Books and has made it her life’s mission to sleep with anyone at anytime! It’s just too thrilling being a nasty. She knew my husband of 9 years was married…she was treated like a slut by my husband and she loved it. She wanted my husband to take his wedding ring off “just for her” and he refused… she was used and then she still wanted him to come running anytime she needed him. It saddens me that she has a child b/c anyone who views themselves as nothing more than a hole should not be taking care of a child. She needs to evaluate herself (with help from professionals of course) to figure out why she has no self respect. She must have some childhood issues that she has never worked out. She is a 44 year old who works at Salty Iguana and has no ambition to further herself academically for the sake of her child even. Your job as a mother to your son should​ be to show him examples of a good hearted woman so that one day he may find a woman who will care for him, who has good honest traits and who doesn’t sleep with the whole town. Good job girlfriend for being an outstanding mother and a productive member of your community. I bet your family is very proud of the woman you’ve become and let’s hope your son doesn’t go after a women who takes after his mother!!

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