Kristen Drumm — Baltimore, Maryland

Where do I start? This trashy tattoo and cheetah print covered, no home trained whore can’t keep her fat fingers off of taken men! Back a some odd years ago, her and my man use to “hook up” and then once he became taken by me, she couldn’t help but begin sending him raunchy distasteful pictures through text messaging and some of them together drinking with the subject “Miss you boo”. Since he decided to be faithful and tell me about it, he’s since had her removed from social media and even changed his number. Recently, she began harassing me and started sending him more nasty, flabby pictures through fb messenger because she’s been through about 8 taken guys since and is now bored and wants to continue to try and get under our skins. She obsesses over marriage and children, yet she isn’t in the market to get her OWN! Watch out married ladies, this “cheetah” is on the prowl to turn your man into a cheater!

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