Kristal La -Surrey uses men to buy her gifts

This slut Kristal is well known in Surrey and all over BC. For one she uses men to buy her gifts and if she doesn’t get her way she puts up a fight and tells her boyfriend to go kill himself. This nasty b1tch was out partying days after her boyfriend committed suicide. She hasn’t spoken to anyone about his last moments which has everyone thinking she must have killed him and set up the scene to stage a suicide. She was pregnant several times and aborted the babies because she wants to continue partying. She good from disc to disc, several dads and no remorse for a lost soul. She uses drugs, uses men just like her b1tch mom BIMLA. currently hosts on Radio Mirchi Fiji in Surrey. They roam Surrey together looking for guys to buy them gifts and dinner. These two mothers and daughter duo need to be put on blast. Help expose them to the remainder of men left that they didn’t fun!!
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