Kingman Playa Jamie Yovino

This is Jamie Yovino. She lives with her BF (goes by JR) because he’s rich from his dead mother’s insurance. She goes on plenty of fish and lies about her single status as well as her age by using older photos. She will post that she’s in her mid 30s, but really the chick is 40. She tells you only after, even though it’s apparent when you meet her. She justifies her actions by saying he’s got a little wang (I’m not making that up wish i still had the texts). That’s not all, I googled her just to find shes been to prison for selling drugs to cops and shop lifting from smiths in bull head city. [redacted] She’s gone as far as to lie to me telling me she was having surgery in order to go with her BF who she convinced me was her “roommate” to California. Then when called out, tried to tell me she really just went to go get him because he did too many whippets and got sick (WTF?). She acts like this total professional working at Hilton Home2 Suites as the general manager in Kingman, AZ, but in reality she’s a gold digging liar screwing over this poor JR guy and dudes on plenty of fish. Never met a bigger scammer in my life.
— Catfish much??? — Dirty Staff

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