Kevin Buurma Angileri

Kevin Buurma Angileri is a fat, lazy grease ball who’s on federal parole until 10-17-19, inmate # 68022-308. I’m pretty sure he became Bubba’s bitch while locked up. He’s been arrested for 10 counts of wires fraud and conspiracy. This guy is a total con piece of shit. This convicted felon scrapes/steals/infringes content from about a dozen cheater sites, then posts the 100% identical content on several of his own cheater sites listed below. This big fat ugly sack of shit even scrapes content from well known sites like this one and and, he scrapes several times daily and then posts the identical content on several of his sites. His shady reputation company then charges big bucks for removal FROM EACH SITE! That’s right, to get removed from all of this pig’s sites you are looking at well over $2,000! Extortion? Probably not. Fraud? ABOLUTELY! Wire Fraud? ABSOLUTELY! The piece of shit bottom feeding felon was arrested back in 2012 with Joseph Christopher Monahan (released from prison 7-25-14), these criminals were arrested for about 10 counts of wire fraud and extortion and Hewlett Packard was the complainant. As of August 2015 he and his partner in crime owed $1,845,028.70 in restitution to Hewlett Packard. Fat slug Kevin pled down to 1 count of conspiracy and was only sentenced to one year in the pokey in 2015.

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