Ken Vermilion – Ohio

So Becca. You think he is faithful? Now that he is finally divorced he is all yours?  He would never cheat?  He is going to marry you?  Well let’s just say you are stupid as I was because he tells me he loves me too and the next place he gets will be for us. Just so you know I am in his life (well not anymore but by MY choice), I know about his son’s injury, and the Triumph, and his new place (that I help find) and I sometimes even collect his mail (PMB 330 in Hillard sound familiar?). He told me he was done with you and from all  the sweet texts he sends me from 740-512-xxx2 I believed him but then I found the texts to you.  I even saw your profile on sls  (do…sha….) You just don’t know about the other profile he has on sls or on lovevodoo, the one he met me under. Try entering his email in the “forgot password box” and then check his email – unfortunately for you he will delete it as soon as he reads this post and you will believe him again. Sad thing is you and I are not the only ones.  Ken you are truly a piece of s***.  Wake up Becca, he will never change.   Once a lying cheater always a lying cheater.

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