Kaylene Weigel — Loveland, Colorado

This lady Kaylene Weigel has continuously contacted married men without a care in the world. For three months she continuously messaged a married man, trying to convince him to leave his wife. Too bad her current boyfriend is too blind to realize how she’s more into the married kind of men then she is him. It hasn’t just been one married man, it’s been several. She’s a sick & twisted individual that doesn’t understand the concept of marriage. She has cheated on every single one of her boyfriends – usually with men that are already in relationships. This woman should be banned from society. I’m tired of watching her get away Scott free with the sh*t she has pulled. She ruined one of my best friend’s relationships AND caused two other women I know, to leave their husbands. I’m 99% sure there’s one more that never left her husband after their SIX month emotional affair. She’s a homewrecker for sure and I don’t get why. I think she’s pretty trashy.


  1. Words of Wisdom

    Your best friends’ boyfriend or husband was too weak to keep this whore away, so don’t forget that he’s not innocent NOR are the other married men innocent. She did play her part in breaking up the relationships, but if the men had enough balls to begin with, they wouldn’t of allowed it to begin in the first place and would of squashed it from the get-go.

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