Kaydeen Byrd — Manhattan, New York

please get this Jamaican bloated proboscis monkey all the way together. Ugly women with bad attitudes get on my last nerve.She brags about being a real estate SALE PERSON and posts her ugly mug all over the internet.A real estate agent must work for an employing broker and cannot work independently. Brokers are responsible for their real estate agents’ actions. She just went from working as a cashier in Targer to a speedy “license” in real estate. Real estate agents often misrepresent their experience and credentials on their websites and/or blogs! She spends inordinate amounts of time posting online to obtain maximum search engine exposure. Others pay for commercial rights and buy ads to rank above search results in Google and Yahoo!!  Most agent websites feature that agent’s active listings. You should check for a link to “my listings,” to determine whether that agent even has any listings. Listings are the backbone of real estate agents! Kaydeen has none!!!! and she lied about her story as well. She has no experience.She is only good at plastering her ugly mug around! and shaking hands with people in the area. The The Homeservice she works for “Berkshire Hathaway Blake” is riddled with complaints and former employees talking about how horrible the place is. One person said,  More office drama then any place I’ve ever worked. There was no honesty between agents which made working the office very difficult. Managing Broker was incompetent and couldn’t manage the agents. All around stressful place to work. STAY AWAY!!!!!!  She is still as ugly, nasty and disgusting as she has always been. She reeks of old period blood and fish. She is built like a hummer with the face of a swollen proboscis monkey. She hops from man to man and they all end up leaving her. She is around 28 and still has no stable relationship. She is chasing after a guy who never even asked for her crusty hand in marriage. She is ugly as all hell on the inside and most certainly the outside as well. She is very inseure(as she should be) and posting about what it means to be a “Strong woman”.

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