Katie Lisciandra – Dallas, Texas

Jackie Bradbury — Los Angeles, CA

 I’ve watched this girl go from a weed smoking, oompa loompa looking sloot to a meth addict and then heroin junkie. She started off in Tulsa acting like a little groupie getting drunk and high and annoying the sh1t out of everyone. The fata55 soon got into meth so she can lose some weight and then became addicted to that sh1t. It got so bad that she looked like a skeleton at one point but she loved the attention she got because she was skinnier. She fuked over a few people and then ran off to Baton Rouge. This girl is a lying, knieving bitch that will tell you sob stories to get you to feel sorry for her and help her out. She’ll tell you sob stories about her shitty parents but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She’ll get close to you and steal your sh1t as well! She didn’t last long in BR and came back to Tulsa. She then started doing heroin and became a junkie. She couldn’t hold a job as a pharmacy tech for obvious reasons and was so damn broke from her addiction that she started selling her body as a floozy. She was fucking old grimy guys so she could pay her bills and support her heroin addiction. Everyone in Tulsa was tired of her shit and didn’t want anything to do with her. All of her friends started bailin on her after they realized what a piece of sh1t skank she was. She decided to move to Dallas because she thought she could make more money whoring herself down there lol! I hope she stays there! No one wants that nasty a55 bitch in Tulsa Katie Lisciandra

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