Katie Hillman Townsend — Hickory, North Carolina

So….this sneaky bitch is one that you need to stay far, far away from. She is the worst kind of home wrecker, She befriended my best friend on Facebook claiming that she knew her husband from high school. Got my friends trust by talking to her, and offering up her “relationship advice”. Little did my friend know that this entire time, she was talking to the husband, telling him every little thing that was said. She was telling my friend that she didn’t deserve that, and that she wouldn’t put up with it. Really had my friend fooled in thinking that she truly had her best interest at heart. So, the group….my friend, her husband, Katie and Katie’s husband all went out to eat one night and had a great time. My friend thought that she had found a true friend in this girl. Fast forward a month, my friends husband claimed this entire time that he didn’t remember her, and that he didn’t mind hanging out with them, because they all shared a love of cars. One month later, my friend and her kids leave for a week on vacation with her parents and the husband says that he doesn’t want to go because there’s nothing down there to do…total lie. While they were away, the mice were at play. He took her out on a date (keep in mind she’s married, to a very nice guy) then (his words), “They had a blast, and then one thing led to another and they had sex”. My friend has done everything in her power to keep this man happy, bit it still wasn’t good enough. She had just started a new job, and while she was working they were having sex, going shopping, and just having a good time while the spouses were working, and didn’t have a clue. Then she claims that she’s pregnant, but the dates didn’t match up, so there was no way that she was After a month of this, the husband decides that since his wife won’t text him constantly at work, he’s going to kick her and their children out of the house. With no where to go. He packs up a bag and goes to stay with Katie and her husband until the wife gets her things. She told me that she thought they were sleeping together, but hadn’t confronted them yet. She goes over one day to start packing up her things, only to come in and find that it had been done for her. Katie had come over and done that for her….how sweeet huh? (insert eye roll) So the wife calls Katie, because at this point she still thinks that they are friends, and says that she wants to ask a question, and asks that she not get angry for being asked. So she asks if they are sleeping together, and from what I’m told the crap hit the fan, not only did she call her every name in the book, she claims that she “would NEVER do that to her husband” and that she “thought they were friends”. That told my friend all that she needed to know. After about a month of them living apart, the truths started coming out. She has cheated on both husbands she’s had, can’t keep her legs together, and lies like her life depends on it. She wants to act all sweet and innocent but she’s far, far from it. She also claims to be a Christian, but swears worse than a sailor. She’s currently still married, but has a boyfriend, and probably has so many diseases that Ajax and a wire scrubby couldn’t clean off. So Ladies, if she tries to be your friend, she’s very convincing, and will listen but then she will go behind your back and tell your man everything, but will add so much more. My friend is as loyal as they come, but she was making up stories left and right about her, but fortunately my friend is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and no one believed what they lying bitch was claiming. I could tell you were she lives and works, but eventhough she doesn’t deserve it, I will let her keep that small piece of dignity. Also let me add that the husband is just as much to blame as she is. It takes 2 to tango, but since they are tring to work on their marriage I’m not gonna blast him yet. Thanks for reading and again ladies, BEWARE OF KATIE YOUNG HILEMAN TOWNSEND!!!!!

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