Katherine (Katie) McKaig — Longview (Gilmer), Texas

Katherine (Katie/Kat) McKaig lives in Longview, Tx but works in Gilmer, Tx. When she first started working for my husband, she was engaged to some poor guy who didn’t realize she was such a whore. She ended that relationship so she could be with my husband..she sent him tons of messages but my favorite was one text saying she wanted to sleep with him (using emojis haha). All this went on while I was going through rounds of fertility treatments, which I told her about in one of our many conversations. Luckily he wasn’t very good at hiding it and of course when I confronted him about it and told him to make a choice, there was no question of who he wanted to be with. Nice try whore!! Ladies, beware of this nasty skank that pretends to be sweet and innocent..she has an affinity for unavailable/married men.

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