Karlie Money — Gladewater, Texas

Been married to my husband for 7 years and he let a guy tell him I was cheating and I wasn’t. So my husband had his two female co-workers take me to lunch to move out of the house after he already told me he was going to work something out with me he got told at the beginning of the week on a Monday or Tuesday that I was cheating and he moved out on Friday after we already talked about everything. He was trying to tell me he wanted to work something out with me that two months later and we started seeing each other and having sex again he did not move and I would not allow that but he didn’t want me to tell that we were trying to work on things you don’t want me to tell anybody. Come to find out he is dating a girl Karlie Money, and he was also talking to a underage girl it was all over his Instagram about how they were hanging out and smoking weed and getting high together and how they were making plans for future dates to get together to do that when he has a daughter who he has not seen and he has not given any money for to help with child support when he left me I was not working I was a stay-at-home mom and wife. I talked to his girlfriend’s mother who also obviously has no respect for marriage because she hasn’t even attempted to make her daughter at least wait until my husband has even filed for divorce because he has not even done that when the week before they put it on Facebook that they were in a relationship he was just in my bedroom at our house but I will have to say this with the help of her mother herself and the help of my husband they are all considered home Wreckers because they’re all enabling it to allow it to happen. So I don’t blame just her but I blame all of them apparently none of them know what respect is I know what a marriage is I’m just glad I was brought up to know what it meant and I hope I will instill those guidelines to my daughter.

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