Kara Groves Butler — Summerville, South Carolina

This buck toothed wonder is as evil as a person can be. I watched Kara single-handedly destroy a beautiful family. And has absolutely no remorse for it either! I always had a bad feeling about her!! She set her eyes on my friend, Ashley’s husband and got to work. She put on quite the act too. She pretended to be this amazing friend, she was always wanting to hang out with Ashley and acted like she just adored Ashley’s children. She would even host slumber parties with my Ashley’s kids! How sick can a person be?! Ashley always felt like there was a little flirtation going on between her and her husband, Bud. But she tried so hard to believe they were good people. Well the two of them have now destroyed her. Kara came running to Ashley’s side when Bud suddenly walked out, claiming he didn’t love her anymore. Kara would also take Ashley out for nights out in the city trying to cheer her up. This woman would even have Ashley babysit for her while she would go out with her own husband. Yep, she’s married too. And the husbands were friends at that! Well it didn’t take too long for all the evil and betrayal to be discovered. Ashley caught them red handed at her in-laws house. Kara was letting Ashley cry on her shoulder, then drive to where Bud was staying and sleep with him, then go home to her loving husband and 2 baby boys. She acted like her heart was breaking with Ashley, all the while she was the one who did it… and was still doing it. Bud and Ashley had a beautiful family filled with love. But Bud is a guy, a stupid guy, that fell for her disgusting manipulation and lost everything… just like he should. So ladies, stay far far away from this “woman”.

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