Kammy Igo — Independence, Kentucky

My husband and I got married July 3 2015 we’ve always had ups and downs even when we were dating we argued a lot but no matter how big of a fight we got into we always made up and we made things better I thought we were finally where we needed to be and I loved him more than life itself. March 14 we got into a huge fight he hit me and then he left I tried to call him the next day and he did not answer I called him every day for a week and I still got no reply finally I started getting curious and I linked his email to my cell. His contacts synced to my phone and I noticed a girls name… Kammy Igo. i messaged Him and let him know I knew about her and finally he called me back. He told me she was nobody just a woman he met at his uncles class reunion and that he doesn’t talk to her and that he never called her. I didn’t believe that, my gut told me otherwise so I called her. she proceeded to tell me that she knew him through my husbands uncles 18 yr old Son. Apparently he had been staying there. She then told me that she knew that he was married and that he said that he was getting a divorce and that she helped him take his ring off and they had sex. She was really ghetto about it I guess because of her age, and had no remorse. He tried to deny it I guess he knew that he messed up but he knew I knew the truth so he finally confessed. I was completely devastated. Everything I had worked so hard for was over. All because a girl could not have enough morals to tell a man that they should wait until he was divorced. any woman with decency would not have talked to a man who was still married whether he said he was getting a divorce or not. come to find out that was only 24 hours after he had left. They are still together but fight like crazy so I hear… He is not the kind of person who can be alone. he’s back on drugs, and looks horrible his face is sunk in and he’s lost a ton of weight… I never condoned him doing drugs so that’s probably the main reason why we fell apart. This girl should be exposed for the way she handled the situation. I understand she’s only 18 years old and he is 33 so there’s a lot she probably does not know about life but I’m pretty sure everyone knows heartache and anyone who intentionally causes heart ache to someone is the scum of the earth and if you sleep with a woman’s husband knowingly then you are a homewrecker whether he let you in or not. she had the decision to tell him now but she messaged me and told me that she pursued him you don’t pursue someone with the ring on their finger. She seduced him, at his lowest point, she’s a very sick person and who ever raised her should be ashamed. Any 33 yr old man who could do that to a gullible 18 yr old child should be ashamed as well. Guess he needed some kind of control. I blame them both. He beat me in front of her as well. And she’s still with him. That should tell you how gullible she is. Does this girl really think he’s into her? I used to think the same thing. We were inseparable until she came along. He is a sad excuse for a human being and I’m exposing him for the dog he is!

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