Kaitlyn — St. Cloud, Minnesota

So my fiance decided to tell me two days ago that he cheated on me. He felt the only way we could be together was for him to be honest with me which back fired because now we are done. He cheated on me three times with this woman named Kaitlyn Carter. Now previously I had confronted her and asked her to stop talking to my boyfriend about how they dated in highschool because we were in a fragile point in our relationship and I was trying to work things out. My fiance met up with her the day before valentines day and they had sex. The next day my man took me on a date. I truly thought he cared about me. John is his name. So as I am uncovering more truths about his affair with this girl. I asked if I could talk to her. But she said no because she doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend. Yet she is willing to ruin mine. Now I am usually a very caring person and I gave her the option to sit and talk with me before I posted this. Because i truly didn’t want to ruin her life. I just wanted to hear why she would pursue my guy going through depression and a rough patch in his relationship when I told her we were working on things. I guess when my ex tried to cut things off with her last week she tried to sleep and shower with him and wouldn’t leave his house. She wanted to continue the affair when he so clearly wanted it to stop. I just want people to be aware that this woman is not nice, nor does she care enough to help me heal past the betrayal her and my ex caused me. I hope her boyfriend sees this. He deserves to know the truth and he should know to protect himself and his heart.

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