Justino Salazar — Oregon, Ohio

Please keep this anonymous if you post… I work with this guy at Meijer. I always thought he was a bit of a dick but I didn’t realize how much until word spread that he was cheating on his wife with one of our coworkers. Word is they’d been having the affair for a LONG time. Completely disgusting. I’ve met his wife and she just seems so nice and to think he would throw away his whole family for a piece of ass really pisses me off. Why do so many people think cheating is acceptable or a solution? But he’s so stupid and is going to get his. Obviously me and some of my coworkers/friends have lost what little respect we had for him, but we have to keep it civil since he’s in training to be a manager. It’s hard to keep a smile and be nice though when all you really want to do is tell a person what a piece of shit human being they are. Some of us have started giving him a hard time though and its fun to watch him get all twisted over it. But like I said the guy is stupid. He is on his phone nonstop all day, hardly works because he’s always checking it, and he thinks no one has noticed. Well we have and the managers know about it too. They weren’t happy with the affair either and for a while it looked like they were just going to pass him over for promotion because who wants someone untrustworthy and with so little morals running things right? But now they’re pushing him through anyway. I think they want to fire him so I hope he takes it, because one way or the other, they’re probably getting rid of him. I can’t believe he doesn’t see it! Too bad she’s covered by the union or they’d probably toss her out too. Take note cheaters, this is why you don’t shit where you eat! And the girl (Jodi Dean works in the deli) he’s having the affair with? I want to laugh whenever I think about it because he can’t see that he’s getting played. I’ve heard a lot about her too from people who are her “friends” and she’s one of these little brats that acts out and plays games. She’s way younger than Justino so he probably thinks he’s a big shot because he snagged a young piece but no, she’s the one who is on her high horse because she pulled a married man from his family and again, he’s too stupid to recognize that she’s just rebelling. What young girl wants to take on a older married man with three kids anyway? He isn’t even that good looking! The second his wife kicked him out of the house she jumped on the chance to get out of hers. I’ve seen enough people like her to know he’s just freedom and a meal ticket for her. So now she’s off bragging about having fun with her friends while he sits at home alone and laughing about how much pull she has over him and meanwhile he can’t even see past his own dick to recognize that she’s playing him like a piano. Sometimes I just look at him and I almost can’t help feeling sorry for him. Here he is getting old and fat and losing everything and she’s living like a queen talking about how he does everything for her and how much better it is than living with her parents and he can’t even see it. She’s totally using him! But like any sleazy cheater he deserves everything he gets. Karma is a bitch!

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