Jusdee Cleland — Jerome, Idaho

This girl tore my family apart for 5 months and got my babies’ daddy out of at least $1,000 that we needed. She was practically taking food from my babies so she could have a new phone and pay her bills. My fiance broke up with me the day before we were supposed to get married. We have 2 kids together. That week I found out he’d gotten a new girlfriend(her). I later found out they’d already been talking for a month and got together the day before he broke it off with me. She started talking to me and acted like my friend. Strange, I know, but I was just tired of being angry and hateful, so I went along with it. I soon found out she’d been saying awful things about me, and was talking about moving to Georgia and into my home, marrying my ex, and trying to take my kids, so they could be one big happy family. There’s no way she could’ve won. Then I discovered she’s already married, with 3 kids, and still living with her husband. So, my then ex dumped her. He and I got back together. Then, I found messages and a naked photo she’d sent him. I told her off and she stopped for a while, but I just found out she’s at it, yet again. Needless to say, she’s trouble and has no respect for other people, their families, or her own. I want to send the messages to her husband, Brock Cleland, because I believe he deserves to know, but I can’t find his number and she’s always on his Facebook and whatnot, so she would delete it before he saw it. I know it’s on him, too, and you may think I should’ve just left, but I made a promise and a lifelong commitment that I’ve fought so hard to keep. I can’t help it, I love him.

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