Juliette Fajardo Ruiz — New York, New York

I saw her on this site after some other poor soul posted. and wished I posted about this girl over early summer. She destroyed my relationship with my fiancé and tormented me with proof once my (now ex) fiancé refused to be with her longer than a few weeks. He met herout in midtown and she just went for him and his money like a freight train. We were about to be married but he did cheat and once this bitch sent me proof I could not go or look past it. This girl is married but gor visa security is ensuring she has an alternative. And she acts so sweet. At first my fiancé was told by her she was a virgin. But then she admitted she is married but not divorced yet for residency. Do not be fooled. She is after money and status and once he broke up with her and my fiancé and I tried to work it out, had sex, I learned I had STDs. This girl is dirttttty.

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