Julie Sigala – Canada

Julie Sigala lied to me about everything. We had been dating since Nov. and I had found out that she was with this other guy during our entire relationship (she started dating him two months before me, she had another boyfriend the entire time). She lied to me about being pregnant, she lied to me about her grandma dying, and she lied about countless other things. After I busted her (in Apl.) she closed me out-didn’t talk to me at all, she thought she had gotten away with her crime, so I contact the other guy and prove to him that she was lying to us both. He s*** canned her *ss after she had lied to him for two days trying to get away with her crime. All the while her sister Claudia Sigala knew and allowed her sister to do what she did. After the fact what blows me away the most is how Heart less Julie has been about it all. She really never cared about me and still doesn’t. She really is VERY selfish and SELF CENTERED!!!

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