Julie Boots — Windsor, Canada

Julie Boots is the biggest homewrecker in all of Windsor. She can be found at your local bars drunk and obnoxious af probably hitting on your man or sucking him off in the bathroom. She’s a major c*ke head and will turn tricks for a few lines. She works at Utopia Med Spa as her second job – first to selling herself. She’s ruined a relationship and marriage and that’s just a few. She’s spreading her legs to Ryan Breault of ESU Windsor Police and manipulates and uses him to get her way plus he was taken. She’s a snitch who will cry to him to make him feel sorry for her, then she won’t leave him alone. He’s also 10 years older then her. Not a shocker this gold digger has no limits to her foulness. She looks like a sloppy drunken Courtney Love – have you ever heard of WATERPROOF mascara? If you ever see her drunk loud a$$ she looks like she was buried alive and awoke from the dead.

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